afternoon refresher
Friday, March 22, 2013
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This isn't the first time (and probably won't be the last) that i talk to you about juice here on this little blog. I've been experimenting over the last few months, and have definitely had a few failures, but most of my experiments have been successful (read: delicious). I've always loved fresh juice from health food stores, vegetarian restaurants, etc., but there is nothing like taking what you have in the fridge and turning it into a glass of something refreshing and satisfying. That's what this simple green juice is.

I made a little batch of this a few weeks ago, and Ryan and I shared it as an afternoon snack. You could certainly drink the whole batch yourself if you wanted to turn it into a meal. Use whatever greens you have on hand (I had this awesome mix from Trader Joe's that included baby spinach, baby kale, and baby chard) - spinach, kale, Romaine... these would all work great. If you have celery, that would be a great addition as well. This is more of a canvas for your perfect green juice.

Afternoon Refresher (Green Juice)

1 large handful greens

5-7 fresh basil leaves

1 green apple

1 cucumber

1/2 lemon, peel removed

1-inch piece fresh ginger

Juice all ingredients, stir, and enjoy! Makes 2 small glasses or 1 large glass.

P.S. Beet-carrot-apple juice and Sunrise juice.

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