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sunrise juice

There are some breakfasts we eat to feel indulgent (I am a big fan of these breakfasts one the mood strikes) - Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, French toast... weekend breakfasts. Then there are those that leave you feeling light, happy, and ready to take on the day. Enter: "sunrise juice."

When I made a batch of this juice last weekend, and named it as such, Ryan laughed at me. Not in a mean or condescending way, but in the way that Ryan laughs at lots of my ideas... I'd like to think he finds all of my creative endeavors endearing, and kind of adorable. Maybe he would tell you something different, but this is the impression I get, and it makes my heart swell each time. Let it be said (and just in time for Valentine's Day, no less) that the most romantic thing someone can do is be supportive of and present for their loved ones. At least, I have found this to be the most romantic of gestures.

Back to this juice. I made it with ingredients I had on hand, and it turned out to be so delicious and refreshing that I intend to re-create it quit often. If you have a juicer, this will come together in a few minutes. And I promise it will make you feel so, so good.

Sunrise Juice

makes 2 small glasses or 1 large glass

3 large carrots, ends removed, cut into 1 to 2-inch pieces

2 small apples, cut into 1 to 2-inch pieces

1 orange, peel removed, cut into 1 to 2-inch pieces

1-inch piece fresh ginger

Juice all ingredients, stir, and enjoy!

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I love your willingness to try new things and how you aren't afraid to fail. Your creativity leads to wonderful tastes like this juice. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work and talents with me!!

February 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRyan

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